There are over 5,000 registrants in the Wisconsin Rideshare program – RideShare, Etc. – waiting to be matched with you! Did you know that carpooling doesn’t have to be a 5-day-a-week commitment? Try leaving your car home once or twice a week and share the high costs of fuel and wear and tear on your car. Pick a day or two that works best for you – every shared ride helps reduce the congestion on our campus.

How does it work? Simply log onto to register your name, origin, destination, work times and contact information to find a match.

Once registered on RideShare, Etc., you can find potential matches by distance from your home, work shift and several preferences including smoking. Matches will be displayed and contact information provided for you to initiate a conversation.

Communication is key to successful carpools. Start a conversation with your new carpool riders by using our Carpool Etiquette Tips or use our Carpool Agreement as a way to set your guidelines. Begin your journey with everyone on the same page to ensure a successful carpool.

By participating in the RideShare program, you can take advantage of:

Preferred parking – Check with your organization's parking office to see if preferred parking spots are available for carpoolers.  

Track your commute. Rideshare, Etc. offers a tool to track your monthly commute. Simply register with Rideshare, Etc. and enter your alternative transportation commutes on the available tool. Commuters who track at least 4 commutes per month will be eligible to win monthly prizes!

HOV lanes – Wisconsin roadways provide designated lanes for cars with two more riders.

Emergency Ride Home – If you or your carpool companions are left without transportation due to an emergency or unexpected event, a taxi service will be arranged to take occupants back to their vehicles. Simply call 1-800-ZOO-0003 (option 5) to have a ride arranged for you free of charge.